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What is your minimum order? There is a lot of labor that goes into producing high quality screen printed shirts. Every color in your design requires its own screen. Those screens have to be set up on one of our awesome machines and registered individually. That being said, our minimum is 12.

When will my shirts be ready? Best Texas Tees operates on a 7 day turn around time!
Sometimes, we can knock them out even sooner! Rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to get your order out quick like a bunny!

Can you print on my own stuff? Yes. However, we do not like doing so for a couple of reasons. First, the apparel we print on is intended for that purpose. We have, on occasion, had customers bring in items that have a stain block on them from the manufacturer. This will cause the print not to stick to the garment. Bad scoobies! Also, every great once in a while, something goes out of whack in the process and the shirt may have to be reprinted. We cannot replace that particular shirt. So, although we can print them, we don't guarantee them.

Why not just order shirts online? We can't tell you how many times customers have told us horror stories about ordering online. It takes two weeks to get the shirts (you can get them sooner for a 25% charge). Many times the print is not the design they originally wanted. Or, the placement was wrong. That's why we have our exclusive Online Art Approval page. Once your artwork is approved, production begins and your shirts will be EXACTLY what you ordered.

What kind of art work do you use? Pretty much anything. We have had customers bring us pencil drawings and our awesome artists recreated their image in a vector form. Want to see? Here is one of our latest.

Do you print on site? Absolutely! There are shops that say they screen print but actually have other shops do the printing for them.

We know this because we are the ones printing them!

A true screen printer is on the job from start to finish! There are NO middle men (or women) at Best Texas Tees! We do it all!

What time is Lunch? That depends on what you're brining and how fast you can get here.

Seriously though, we never take lunch. We are here for you from 9 AM to 5:30 PM Monday - Friday. On Fridays during the summer months, we close @ 3:00 PM. Come by and see us. You could bring a sandwich if you like. Kinda partial to Ham & Cheese.

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Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM
*Summer Months we close @ 3 PM on Fridays - Woohoo!

Best Texas Tees is the National Screen Printer of Texas!™

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